A Cappella Groups in South Africa 2023

A Cappella Groups in South Africa 2023: A cappella refers to vocal music that is done without the use of an instrument. The name is from Italian and means “in the fashion of the chapel” or “in the style of the church,” as a cappella music was traditionally performed without the use of instruments in religious contexts. A cappella music can now be played in a wide range of styles and genres, with beatboxing, vocal percussion, and other non-traditional vocal methods. A cappella groups can range in size from tiny ensembles to large choruses and can specialize in classical, pop, jazz, or traditional music.

A cappella music has a rich history in South Africa and is deeply rooted in the country’s traditional music culture. Here are some additional a cappella groups in South Africa:

  • The Mahotella Queens: The Mahotella Queens are a female a cappella group that has been performing for over 50 years. They are known for their powerful vocal harmonies and energetic dance moves, and have released over 50 albums.
  • Soul City: Soul City is a five-member a cappella group that combines gospel, jazz, and pop music with traditional African rhythms. They have performed at major events in South Africa and have released several albums.
  • Black Umfolosi: Black Umfolosi is a male a cappella group that specializes in traditional Zulu music. They have performed at festivals around the world and have released several albums.
  • Voices of the Nation: Voices of the Nation is a choir that brings together singers from across South Africa to perform traditional and contemporary a cappella music. They have won numerous awards and have toured internationally.
  • Amampondo: Amampondo is a percussion-based a cappella group that incorporates traditional African instruments into their music. They have performed at major festivals around the world and have collaborated with artists such as Paul Simon and Hugh Masekela.

Other cappella groups in South Africa, with their unique blend of traditional African music and modern genres. Here are a few notable groups:

  1. Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Formed in the 1960s, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is one of the most well-known a cappella groups in South Africa. They are known for their isicathamiya style, which is characterized by intricate harmonies and dance.
  2. Just 6: Just 6 is a six-member a cappella group that has won several awards in South Africa, including the SAMA (South African Music Award) for Best African Indigenous A Cappella Album. Their music is inspired by traditional Zulu music and incorporates elements of gospel and jazz.
  3. Afrika Mamas: This female a cappella group from Durban specializes in traditional Zulu music, including the unique Zulu vocal style known as “ukuxhentsa.” They have performed at major international festivals and have collaborated with artists such as Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba.
  4. The Cape Town Youth Choir: This choir is made up of young singers from Cape Town and is known for their beautiful harmonies and diverse repertoire, which includes everything from classical choral music to African pop songs. They have won several awards both nationally and internationally.

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