Best Hits – Top 5 kwaito Love Songs

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Best Hits - Top 5 kwaito Love Songs

For your Valentine’s Day, here are some kwaito love songs.

We have prepared a small present for those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day since we have nothing but love for you. However, kwaito singers occasionally provide us with meaningful and entertaining songs that span from celebrating love to lamenting tragedy.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the finest old school kwaito songs that cover all aspects of love.

Mzambiya “Of Love and Kwaito” (featuring Percy)

Mzambiya, a young celebrity on the approach of adulthood, informs another child star Percy about the joys and complexities of love. He feels uneasy about loving himself because he is new to the sensation. Their dialogue “Of Love and Kwaito” is without a doubt one of the finest kwaito love songs ever. What makes it even more incredible is that it is done by young teens.

DJ Bongz “Sobabili”

Durban DJs revolutionized kwaito. Some say they murdered it by converting it into a home (but that’s a topic for another day). DJ Bongz was one of the first artists to herald Durban’s takeover of the Soweto-centric kwaito genre, and he did so in grand style. The strutting female Zulu voice alone made a lot of males desire to move to Durban.

Mzekezeke “I’m Scared Of You” (ft. Zoe)

“I’m Scared Of You,” an elaboration of a Womack & Womack song of the same name, saw Mzekezeke and vocalist Zoe role-play a situation. Mzekezeke, the idiotic character, is macking on a female who is out of her league. Zoe’s strong voice and Mzekezeke’s purposefully off-key singing created for an engaging listen that was both humorous and powerful.

Brickz “Sweety My Baby”

Brickz’s high-pitched vocal complemented DJ Cleo’s rubbery bass line and futuristic synths, both of which were novel to kwaito at the time. Combine it with a catchy tune and Brickz’ unconventional delivery, and you’ve got one of the most popular kwaito songs of the early 2000s.

Malaika “Destiny”

Guffy is one of South Africa’s top producers, and on Malaika’s “Destiny,” he demonstrated why. Tshedi Moholo’s natural voice over those keys, wavy pads, and a catchy beat resulted in a simply addicting melody that, while a little corny (with words like “you are the oxygen that I breathe”), continues to entertain to this day.

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