Chymamusique (Deep House Artist)

Chymamusique (Deep House Artist)

Chymamusique (Deep House Artist): Chymamusique began his musical career as a jazz pianist in the year 2000. He then developed a passion for house music and began learning production in 2005. After he came out and released his first internet release in 2010, that’s when most people became aware of him. In 2011, he won three remix challenges hosted by Soulcandi, Blackwhole ENT, and Castle Lite, which drew greater notice to his music and led to DJs playing his songs on compilations.

Chymamusique currently runs his own label and works as a producer/remixer and DJ for Soulcandi Records, House Afrika Records, and Mofunk Records. He is also working on his own CD, which will be released in 2012 and will feature just his best tracks.


Chymamusique has performed on stages alongside Vinny Da Vincy, Glen Lewis, QB Smith, Charles Webster, and Atjazz, and his music has been heard on most radio stations in RSA as well as online radios. He performed on TV (refresh), Metro fm, Yfm, and overseas.

The music of Chymamusique is a combination of several genres, including house, soul, and jazz. He is well-known for his distinct blend of deep, soulful, and melodic tones that transport listeners to another realm. His music reflects his childhood as well as his father’s musical inspirations.

Chymamusique top Songs

  • 1. Lost in Words – Main Saxed Mix
  • 2. Jazz According to House (Main Mix)
  • 3. Lost in Words
  • 4. Give Me You – Main Mix
  • 5. Praise Him – Retro Tech
  • 6. Hold On – Webstah Remix
  • 7. Belong
  • 8. B*** & Synth
  • 9. Hold On – China Charmeleon the Animal Remix
  • 10. Surrounded By Love
  • 11. Now & Then – Instrumental Version
  • 12. Uber Vibes (Cannon Soul Main Mix)
  • 13. Cold Days (Jazzy Remix)
  • 14. Retro Aspect
  • 15. Jazz According to House – Gabbana’s Soulful E
  • 16. Can’t Get Enough
  • 17. He Keeps Me Safe – Retro Mix
  • 18. Train to London
  • 19. Lost In Words (Main Saxed Mix)
  • 20. Cold Days – Jazzy Remix
  • 21. Special Friend – Club Mix
  • 22. We Are To Be
  • 23. Gift Of Life
  • 24. Day And Night (Mmawe) – Original Mix
  • 25. Soul And Mind
  • 26. Soul and Mind – Profound Nation & Chymamusiqu
  • 27. Jazz According to House – Main Mix
  • 28. Life Without You (Lead Guitar Reprise)
  • 29. World Is Good – Original Mix
  • 30. Jazz It Up
  • 31. Celebrate & Praise
  • 32. Soul and Mind (Profound Nation & Chymamusique
  • 33. Keep Clapping
  • 34. Life Without You – Lead Guitar Reprise
  • 35. Soul and Mind (Main Saxed Mix)
  • 36. Love Is Waiting
  • 37. B*** Synth
  • 38. Cruising
  • 39. Melodi Featuring Derbi (Original Mix)
  • 40. Now & Then – Vocal Mix
  • 41. Soul and Mind – Cannon-Soul Deeper Remix
  • 42. Jazz According to House (Gabbana’s Soulful En
  • 43. What If
  • 44. Jazz According To House – Remix By Cannon-Sou
  • 45. Love Anthem
  • 46. soul and Mind (Main Saxed up Mix)
  • 47. Me Before You – Chymamusique Remix
  • 48. What Have I Done (feat. Sue)
  • 49. Make It Funky
  • 50. Go Deep or Go Home

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