SA Deep House Mix & Hit

SA Deep House Mix & Hit

Creating a South African (SA) deep house mix involves blending tracks that capture the soulful and rhythmic essence of the genre. Here’s a suggested playlist for a South African deep house mix.

You can use DJ software or platforms to mix and transition between these tracks smoothly.

  1. Black Coffee – “Superman” (feat. Bucie)
  2. Dacapo – “Speed of Sound” (feat. Tresor)
  3. Culoe De Song – “Webaba” (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
  4. Lemon & Herb – “Velani” (feat. Moonchild Sanelly)
  5. Kabza De Small – “Umshove” (feat. Leehleza)
  6. Jullian Gomes – “Love Song 28” (feat. Bobby)
  7. Sobek – “Modest Is Hottest”
  8. Argento Dust – “The Commute Drums Radio Show”
  9. Enosoul & Rhey Osborne – “Find A Way”
  10. Da Capo – “Found You” (feat. Berita)

Remember to check the copyright and licensing agreements for each track to ensure you have the right to use them in your mix. Additionally, use your mixing skills to create smooth transitions and maintain the flow of the mix.

How To Download SA Deep House Mix,

  1. Streaming Platforms:
    • Use legal streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, or YouTube Music. These platforms often have a wide selection of deep house tracks available for streaming.
  2. Purchase Music:
    • Consider purchasing the tracks from official digital music stores such as iTunes, Google Play Music, or Beatport. This supports the artists and ensures you have the right to use the music.
  3. SoundCloud:
    • Some artists and labels share their music on SoundCloud. While not all tracks may be available for download, you can discover and enjoy deep house mixes legally on this platform.
  4. Record Pools:
    • DJs often use record pools, which are subscription-based services that provide legal access to a curated selection of tracks for DJ use. These pools ensure compliance with licensing and copyright laws.

Enjoy crafting your South African deep house mix!

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